For decades, doctors and epidemiologists have recognized the undeniable fact that permanent residents of high altitudes have decreased occurrences of many very common chronic diseases. Most of the longest living civilizations in the world live at elevations of greater than 10,000ft/3050m. This relationship between altitude and health is not a coincidence, and researchers have begun to uncover the science behind the mystery.
The combination of all the positive physiological reactions associated with hypoxic training provides both your mind and body with feelings of intense rejuvenation. Each session will revitalize you, leaving you feeling energetic and contented for the rest of the day. Hypoxico offers a wide variety of products designed to maximize the benefits of health and wellness, customized to fit your schedule and lifestyle.

Case Study: A Tent that can save your Ticker

NEW YORK (Ivanhoe Newswire) –Twenty-six million people have heart failure in the U.S, and today more options are available to treat it than ever before. Here’s how doctors are using a new concept to help heart failure patients run that extra mile.

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